Seedling strawberries, HONEY, Darselect, Olbia and other
Seedling strawberries, HONEY, Darselect, Olbia and other
Seedling strawberries, HONEY, Darselect, Olbia and other
Seedling strawberries, HONEY, Darselect, Olbia and other

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Saplings of early, middle and late strawberries.
Grade Honey. Elsanta, Darselect, Florence, Alba, The Capital, Olbia, Cleary
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Seedlings kopanya, powerful with a good root system. Excellent survival rate. Industrial grade, transportable. Yield 180-250 kg with a weave.

Honey (Honeoye) - grade American selection. It is characterized by early ripening. One of the most popular varieties in the countries of Central and Northern Europe.
Very high yielding.
The berries are large, up to 45 g and a fairly large remain until the end of the harvest, very attractive, with a dense skin.
One of the most transportable varieties that are resilient to terms of trade. Because of the early ripening cultivar Honey (Honeoye) is almost not damaged by gray rot, is not afraid of the rainy weather. The variety is resistant to leaf diseases resistant to higher content of calcium salts in the soil. The variety is susceptible to late blight. Fairly good hardiness..
Olbia - early variety created by the Kiev Institute of horticulture, maturing until may 25. First berries large, slightly extended, with neck. The rest of the berries are thick, heavy, and seeds on the berries slightly convex. Transportable. Grade yielding, zachastili. Resistant to gummy and the strawberry mite.
Capital. Early-medium varieties of Ukrainian selection. The bushes are quite powerful with good leaf density. Due to its compact size convenient for cultivation in the conditions of dense planting. Resistant to most pests and diseases, and also to the dry weather. The color of the berries is dark red. Form – large, oval, with a pronounced neck. Taste – sweet. Berry is not shallow for the entire length of the Assembly. The variety is resistant to drought and major diseases.

Florence (Florence) - late-ripening varieties of strawberries.
Matures 7-10 days later than the cultivar Elsanta. Exceeds the performance Elsanta (four years out of six), the size of the berries and the percentage of berries of the first class exceeds Elsanta.
The quality grades are very good, even fully ripe berries can be stored for a long period without losing an attractive appearance.
Elsanta deserve universal love. No doubt, every gardener who has tasted the strawberries on the palate, you will find a place to land. This variety is characterized by a proper berries, and in all respects. They have attractive shape, good size, excellent taste, in other words, berries of this variety is delicious and beautiful. Such strawberry on average will weigh 30-35 grams and if she likes how you care for her, can weigh up to 45 grams (one berry)
The main advantages include excellent flavor profile, nice shape of fruits, increased resistance of plants to diseases. Strawberry Elsanta that are very positive, with high yield potential, which explains its incredible popularity.
Elsanta is a variety of strawberry that can be grown both in open field and under the film. He is not prone to Botrytis, white and brown spot, however, it is not resistant to rot and roots are susceptible to powdery mildew.

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